By Melissa J. Anderson

The Case Against CSR

Aneel Karnani at the Wall Street Journal says that the idea that companies can make money by doing good is both an “illusion” and “dangerous,” because companies are unlikely to act against shareholder wishes to benefit the planet or the public interest.

The strong voice of the CSR community

Fabian Pattberg rounds up a number of responses by the CSR community to Karnani’s WSJ article.

Selling Sustainability to Whiskey Drinkers

Suzanne Shelton at Greenbiz tells us why Jack Daniels is a leading company for sustainability – and how to sell green products to individuals who don’t necessarily buy into the green mindset.

Dell Reduced Packaging by 18 Million Pounds Since 2008

Leon Kayne at Triple Pundit discusses some sustainable packaging initiatives by electronics companies – notably Dell, which has championed the reduction of packaging as part of its sustainability drive.

Can the Fast Food Industry Ever Be Sustainable?

Gina-Marie Cheeseman at Triple Pundit examines the environmental impact of fast food (specifically a new British report entitled “An inconvenient sandwich: the throwaway economics of takeaway food”) and how fast food companies can do better.

Burger King Corp. Named One of “40 Best Companies for Diversity” by Black Enterprise Magazine

Finally, Burger King was recently honored by Black Enterprise Magazine for its diversity practices. The company’s diversity practices are led by its executive team.