By Kate McClaskey

What’s new in CSR? Here’s what we have been reading this weekend.

What does Malta and theology have in common?

Justmeans examines the new program being offered in Malta that offers a master’s in CSR. The brainchild of the Reverend Professor Emmanuel Agius, dean of the Faculty of Theology, and Saviour Gauci, dean of the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy, at the University of Malta, the Master’s degree in Business Ethics will offer CSR executives and other professionals the opportunity to debate the responsibility of business on society.

Smithfield Foods releases its ninth annual CSR Report and commits to reducing energy, and water use, and solid waste 10 percent by 2016

Environmental Leader discusses Smithfield Foods, who has committed to meet several new environmental goals. In 2009, Smithfield Foods has reduced greenhouse gas emissions at its plants by four percent since 2007. The company also cut its processing emissions per 100 pounds of production by 62 percent compared to 2007 and its first-processing emissions per animal by 41 percent. These improvements have helped decrease company costs by an estimated $100 million over that time period. This is just another example of the win-win outcomes CSR creates for companies.

A Louis Vuitton Bag With A Side Of CSR

Hana Alberts of looks at a new study, which finds that corporate social responsibility matters – especially if you want to sell luxury brands in China. The most surprising result? There is a strong correlation between a company’s social responsibility policy and the consumer’s desire to buy their products. When asked “Does the social responsibility of a luxury brand affect your purchasing decision of its products,” 68% of respondents said it did, while only 10% said it didn’t. The authors were caught off guard by the strength of the result, according to Ruder Finn Asia Chairman Jean-Michel Dumont, who has helped develop communication strategy for brands such as Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Cartier.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Grant More Than $1 Million to Help Protect Animals in Need

Animals and endangered species around the world will benefit from the new initiatives by SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund. This includes preserving the Florida Keys, safe guarding sea turtle nesting sites, sand tiger shark conservation, and conserving the West African Manatee.