By Melissa J. Anderson

  • The Benefits of Women at the Top

    Business Ethics Magazine provides a nice overview of the research showing that boardroom gender diversity is one key to success.

  • The Importance of Leadership in Bulding a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce

    The Montreal Gazette discusses why the wrong leadership can turn workplace diversity efforts into “PR fluff” – and how to avoid going wrong.

  • PSEG Awards 16 Employees with $30,000 toward Charity

    According to DiversityInc., PSEG, a New Jersey energy company, is engaging its workforce and community by awarding employee volunteers with $30,000 to put toward local NJ charities.

  • Why Employees React Negatively to Change

    In the Harvard Business Review, James R. Bailey and Jonathan Raelin discuss why changing employee expectations can often produce a disproportionately negative response.

  • CSR and Social Media

    The Guardian discusses why companies need to better utilize social media when getting their CSR message across. One reason? “The philosophies of social media and sustainability have a great deal in common. Both are built on the pillars of transparency, ethics and innovation, and both can help secure a company’s bottom line.”

  • November is Native American Heritage Month

    What is your company doing to promote the attraction and retention Native American/ American Indian employees?