By Melissa J. Anderson

  • Your Office Should be Zoned for Multi-Use

    In this 2000 New Yorker piece, Malcolm Gladwell compares offices to neighborhoods. He writes, “to thrive, an office space must have a diversity of uses–it must have the workplace equivalent of houses and apartments and shops and industry.”

  • Time’s Deputy General Counsel on CSR

    Aman Singh Das interviews Time’s Rhonda McLean, who says, “…we need to move away from the limited definitions we use of what mentoring relationships should look like. Instead of saying, ‘They’re not that many black women around so I can’t be mentored,’ mentoring needs to become bias-free.”

  • Video Games to be Put to Use Training the Next Generation of Business Leaders

    At the recent JustMeans conference, Ralph Thurm, Director, Sustainability Strategies, Deloitte said, “All corporations will use serious gaming for leadership development.”

  • IBM helps Pharma Cut Emissions

    IBM’s Supply Chain Sustainability Management Solution is helping McKesson cut CO2 emissions, by streamlining processes.