By Melissa J. Anderson

  • US Airways Partners with NAACP to Improve Workplace Diversity

    Aviation Online Magazine reports that US Airways is enlisting the NAACP to help “enhance the airline’s diversity and equal opportunity programs, training, personnel, policies, and procedures, will take joint efforts to promote diversity and equal opportunity, and will maintain a direct dialogue concerning these issues in the future.”

  • GM Names New US VP for Diversity

    Eric Peterson, GM’s director of industry dealer affairs, will “co-chair a diversity team of 12 GM executives,” work to increase minority-owned dealerships and suppliers, and improve diversity in advertising and in the workforce at large.

  • Matel’s LGBT Program

    Peter Gandolfo, a senior marketing manager at Mattel, discusses OPEN, the LGBT organization he started at the company – he says, “Leading our ERG has given me exposure to senior leaders within our organization; these and other relationships I’ve built with peers throughout the company help me succeed in my job.”

  • What is Ethical Investment?

    Nick Sturge writes, “If you avoid a certain product on a supermarket shelf because you know it has been tested on animals you should really consider asking your bank who it lends to – as it might just be helping to finance such testing.”