By Melissa J. Anderson

  • More Diversity Will Improve IMF

    In an Huffington Post article, the IMF’s new Deputy Managing Director Nemat Shafik explains that the organization has a goal of recruiting 50% women at all levels going forward. A more diverse workforce, she says, will improve operations and performance.

  • IT Needs a More Diverse Workforce

    A Technorati article explains why the IT industry must welcome a more diverse workforce, and provides tips to attract more diverse employees.

  • Boost in Corporate Giving Helped by Pharma

    According to Reuters, corporate philanthropy rose by 18% last year, with the pharmaceuticals industry as a major contributor.

  • Gen Y Seeks Flexibility

    In a Bloomberg article, Sylvia Ann Hewlett rounds up a number of studies on what Gen Y workers want: flexibility, challenging assignments, and an engaging workplace.