By Melissa J. Anderson

  • Accomodating Muslim Clothing at Disneyland

    An interesting article in the Los Angeles Times about Disneyland’s clothing policies and how they are being modified – or not – to accommodate Muslim employees. “Has Disney made these accommodations because they’re the morally right choices, or because there are profits to be made in appealing to new markets? At a certain level, the answer is: As long as the correct outcome is achieved, who cares?”

  • Google Championing Green Infrastructure Projects

    The HBR discusses how “the tech giant and some other investors are proposing a $5 billion “transmission backbone” for offshore wind farms along the East Coast,” even as the government balks at spending on infrastructure projects.

  • Measuring Green Business Employee Engagement

    Ante Glavas, assistant professor of management at the University of Notre Dame is working on a project to measure how green business policy impacts employee engagement.

  • The MAC AIDS Fund – Philanthropy or Business?

    Triple Pundit discusses MAC’s $180 million donation (so far) to HIV and AIDS related charities – driving sales in the process. Modern CSR campaigns are craried out with a careful eye to ROI – but not this one. And yet it’s been extremely successful in raising funds sales.