By Melissa J. Anderson

  • 10 Steps Toward Gender Diversity

    The Financial News reveals the results of its new study of women in the financial services, and outlines what companies must do to achieve gender parity.

  • Comcast Creates Diversity Council

    Comcast/NBC Universal has announced it will build a Joint External Diversity Advisory Council to include “four, nine-member Diversity Advisory Councils, representing the interests of African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics, and Women, respectively.”

  • Operationalized Philanthropy Can End World Hunger

    In TriplePundit Bill Shore writes that today’s corporations must “operationalize philanthropy” by ensuring their “business practices, from the sourcing that goes into supply chain to product development and marketing strategies reflect their philanthropic values and actually advance them.”

  • New Study Reveals Managers’ Impact on Employee Engagement

    The Globe and Mail reports on a new study of HR Managers that showed employees motivation (or lack thereof) is significantly related to managers’ engagement.

  • CSR and Professional Sports

    Forbes explains how pro sports leagues are beginning to play ball in the CSR arena.

  • Disney’s Broad Business Model Makes Sustainability Difficult

    According to SmartPlanet, because the Disney brand is spread across so many industries, diversity progress is difficult to achieve for the company.