Women in Technology: Ambition and Advancement

At a time when some of the world’s largest economies are faltering, and when traditional industries are losing steam, many are turning their eyes to technology as a potential saving grace, in the hope that it will provide the jobs, revenue, and innovation that are so sorely needed. But technology has its own challenges: namely...
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Being Out at Work: Exploring LGBT women’s workplace experience in the UK

It is my pleasure to publish this piece of research focusing on the experience of LGBT women who work within the UK’s financial and professional services industries. We aim to explore the perceptions, realities, and trends around how women interpret their environment whilst at work. Our respondents to this UK survey are mainly readers of...
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Being Out at Work: Cultural Implications for the “L” in LGBT

I am delighted to welcome you to our first in the series of reports on Managing Identities at Work. This report focuses on “Being out at Work” and we look at the LGBT experience through a gender lens. By conducting research and hosting career panels exploring career challenges for certain talent groups, such as LGBT...
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Women in Tech: Leaders of Tomorrow

It seems like today women are better positioned than ever before to rise to leadership roles in technology. Not only do companies have many kinds of support structures in place, such as women’s networks and leadership development courses, but there is an increasing number of women at the top who can serve as role models...
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