By Melissa J. Anderson

Recently, Hispanic Business Magazine released its list of the top 60 US companies committed to “Hispanic hiring, promotion, marketing, philanthropy, and supplier diversity.” The magazine scored the Fortune 1,000 companies, American subsidiaries of Global 500 companies, and large U.S. public and private companies based on 32 variables, and the company data was processed by HispanTelligence®, the magazine’s research branch.

The survey measured companies based on Board & Leadership, Recruitment, Retention & Promotion, Marketing & Community Outreach, and Supplier Diversity. The entire list is provided on the magazine’s website, but the top five are included below.

1. Southern California Edison

SCE was ranked number one on the list for the second time because of its commitment to diverse programming for its employees. Veronica Gutierrez, vice-president Corporate Communications, said “We are in probably the most diverse community in the country and we benefit from that. It is really important to our employees that we embrace diversity.”

2. Wells Fargo & Company

According to Wells Fargo Chairman and CEO John Stumpf, “Diversity is not only good policy, it’s good business.” He continued, “Diversity makes Wells Fargo a better, stronger company and a better place to work. It enables us to better serve our diverse customers’ needs and provide outstanding service to our customers and communities. And as a result, it makes it possible for us to deliver more value to our stockholders.”

3. Bank of America

Bank of America regularly places at the top of workplace diversity lists. The company’s commitment to diversity goes right to the top, with President & CEO Brian Moynihan charing the company’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Council.

4. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Wal-mart has also been included on the Diversity Elite 60 list in the past. According to Wal-mart, “the foundation for an inclusive, sustainable business that embraces and respects differences, develops our associates, serves our customers, partners with our communities, and builds upon an inclusive supplier base.”

5. Comerica Inc.

Comerica was also placed in the top 15 companies in the Diversity Elite 60 in the “Board Leadership & Personnel” and “Supplier Diversity” categories. According to Ralph W. Babb,Jr., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer “We all know that when we truly reflect the demographics of our markets, we will better serve our customers, grow our business and build an even stronger organization. It makes good business sense.”