By Melissa J. Anderson

“Just this month is my 25th anniversary with Accenture,” began Nellie Borrero, Managing Director, Global Inclusion and Diversity, at the organization.

“When I came on board, I was very focused and aware of the possibility and opportunity to increase diversity,” she recalled. Borrero was the first person to start a full time diversity role, having begun in the New York office, and then expanding the diversity program to the US. “Now, today, we have a global focus,” she said.

“I’m happy about the progress I’ve seen in the culture in my organization,” she said.

“We’re incredibly diverse. My mission and objective has always been to create an environment where everyone can feel like they can succeed.”

She continued, “And now people – whether they’re in the US, or India, or Japan – are coming in, feeling a sense of belonging, and that they can succeed.”

Current Diversity Projects

Accenture is home to many diversity programs, but there are a few that Borrero is particularly enthusiastic about. “I’m really excited about the programs and activities in the US, the UK, and South Africa around ethnicity diversity,” she said.

She is also excited about work Accenture is doing on outreach around people with disabilities. And, she added, “We’re advancing our LGBT agenda globally as well, and I’m very excited about that.”

“We look at diversity as a competitive advantage with a wide lens – rather than as specific segments,” she said. “We have approximately 236,000 people all over the world. For us, it’s critical to bring in people with diverse perspectives.”

Gender Diversity at Accenture

“From a training perspective we have programs designed for women, focused by level to make sure women have a platform to share their concerns and build the skills they need to expand.”

“For me, each of these programs is extremely valuable in conveying what else – besides my daily focus – I need to be concerned about.” She explained, “Women tend to be laser focused on the task at hand, and we may lose sight of the many different factors of being successful.”

“The programs help you to really think about your development,” she added.

In Her Personal Time

Outside work, Borrero enjoys spending time with her family. “I’m a mother of two – I have a 26 year old daughter and an eight year old son,” she said. “They’re 17 years apart, and it’s making life very diverse and fun.”

Borrero serves on three boards – the LaGuardia Community College Foundation Board, ASPIRA New York, and the Vision Spring Advisory Council. “From a Latina perspective, I’m focused on keeping Latinos in school through high school and through college,” she said. “And Vision Spring provides eye care to people in the developing world.”

Additionally, she enjoys reading and tennis. “I love it – it’s how I stay sane,” she added with a laugh.