Being Out at Work: Exploring LGBT women’s workplace experience in the UK

It is my pleasure to publish this piece of research focusing on the experience of LGBT women who work within the UK’s financial and professional services industries. We aim to explore the perceptions, realities, and trends around how women interpret their environment whilst at work.

Our respondents to this UK survey are mainly readers of, some of whom attended our 2012 event “Managing Multiple Identities: Being Out at Work,” which was held in London. Our methodology was both qualitative and quantitative for this research and we formed questions around the following hypothesis:

“Competence assumed and compensation being equal, LGBT employees feel more engaged at work if they are shown increased organisational and managerial support.”

This approach to our research is very much at the core of the work we do at Evolved Employer. We engage with clients to examine and improve organisational culture and work with leadership to increase competency around diversity and inclusion issues so that talent and business strategies can be successful. After all, if culture can be defined as “the way we do things around here” then it is critical for leaders to understand how to engage and include different types of people. This has been shown to increase performance and engagement and this is the business case for diversity work.

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