Nicki Gilmour – Founder

Nicki Gilmour founded Evolved Employer in 2007 as part of the wider portfolio of career and workforce development sites. Other sites in the portfolio include and

Nicki is a futurist, a seasoned business person who became an social-organizational psychologist and leadership coach as she recognized the impact that inferior organizational design, lack of organizational and leadership development led to dysfunction that has a performance and motivation impact on employees and leaders alike.

Specializing in change topics, ranging from updating purpose, organizational transformation, culture, DEI, Hybrid work, talent, and ultimately removing covert processes to eliminate behaviors that impeded goal achievement individually or organizationally.

She has assembled a team of peers who are top of their game in related areas – Chief Creative officers, Communications experts, Coaches and OD specialists/ psychologists, Chief marketing officers and data scientists to solve for the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be.