By Melissa J. Anderson

Happy Independence Day! This week Evolved Employer is taking a break from publishing in order to enjoy a much-needed holiday. These few days offer the perfect opportunity to reflect on the traits and skills shared by true inclusive leaders. Below, please find a few of our favorite articles on how leaders can truly make a difference for all individuals at their firms, unlocking the full potential of every employee.

We believe that leadership commitment is the first step in building diverse, innovative, and engaged workforces that attract high performers and produce the best results. That’s why we’re excited to launch our leadership development courses that will help companies tap into the skills and talent of all employees, and enable each individual to unlock his or her own potential.

Additionally, the Evolved Employer team is hard at work on another research paper (we’re examining the challenges and opportunities for LGBT women working in finance in the UK) due out this month. We hope to identify ways in which employers and employees can build inclusive workplaces in which LGBT women can thrive.

Finally, we believe that companies must take action to address unconscious bias that could be preventing diverse individuals from achieving their fullest on behalf of the company and their own ambition. And in order to do this, leaders must be bold and take a stand for inclusiveness. Time and time again, research has shown how important vocal and active support from the top is for creating the level playing ground on which everyone has the opportunity to succeed. How will you lead today?