By Melissa J. Anderson

Evolved Employer has had quite a year – and we are taking a few weeks off to prepare for our big 2011 launch. A few upcoming articles include incentive-driven diversity programs, the cost of the closet, how a progressive flexwork policy is today’s business imperative, and more – so stay tuned!

The goal of Evolved Employer is to enable people to learn more about the their employers’ (and potential employers’) efforts toward building a more progressive workplace – the kind of workplace that, studies show, today’s high performing employees want to work for. A workplace that reflects their values. A workplace that respects them and treats them and their coworkers like people. A workplace that is compatible with today’s dual-career households, technologies, and global focus.

It is also our vision that global business leaders are inspired by the best practices described on this website, and find ways to incorporate evolved talent management approaches, sustainable (in every sense of the word) business practices, and business innovation in today’s new economy. By doing so, they can hope to attract, engage, and retain top talent – our most valuable resource.

If you have some spare time over the next few weeks, take a minute to read some of our stories from the past year – here are a few favorites:

We aim to help our readers find inclusive, progressive, evolved employers – and to help those truly evolved employers hold on to their top talent. Keep reading, and here’s to a great 2011!